Our Staff

Top row (left to right): Griselda, Shavon, Heather, and Angela
Bottom row (left to right): Samantha, Tabitha, and Toni
Griselda Alvarado // Medical Assistant
Griselda, also known as "G" is one of the first people you will meet when you walk through the doors of SPPCC. As the "front desk person," Griselda claims that one of the best part about her job is being the first to meet patients. She draws inspiration from her co-workers (another factor that she loves about her job) and motivation from her kids. She is bilingual, mom of 2, and is always cooking new recipes. When she is not working, she likes to bake, as well as paint and color. SPPCC to Griselda, is the best pain management and palliative care clinic because of ihe entire staff's ability to build a tight-knit relationship with the patients, making them feel like family. According to Griselda, this is what makes SPPCC a "one of a kind office."
Su Kang // Administrative Assistant
[Full Bio To Come]
Kara Lawson // Phlembotomist (Specimen Collector/Lab Tech)
Kara graduated from LFCC with a CNA and Phlembotomy certification in 2012. She has worked in multiple medical settings including hospitals and pediatric offices. The best part about her job is the interactions she gets with patients. Kara draws inspiration and motivation from her patients because she understands that it is a privilege to be a part of their care team to help them get better. Her co-workers are also motivational in the sense that they make it easy for her to come to work and they all push each other to do great things. Right now, Kara is attending school to become an LPN, she has 2 amazing children, and she loves being in the water (because swimming is life!). When she is not working, she loves to read and go on walks. Even though Kara is not directly with SPPCC, she believes that SPPCC is still the best pain management and palliative care clinic because the staff has a good bond and Tabitha is one of the sweetest, most caring practitioner she has ever met. Kara's friendly demeanor is a perk of going to SPPCC!

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